You need private lessons in a subject?

It is okay to need private lessons. A lot of Austrians need them, too.

Everywhere in Austria:

  • Ask teachers or the principal at the school. They should know good and cheap tutors nearby.
  • Sign yourself or your child up for Lerntafel (=”learning table”, information in German).
  • Apply for Start-Stipendium (=”start scholarship”, information in German). This organisation provides learning aid and scholarship for motivated students with a migration background.
  • For those of you who despair of German lessons and get bad grades in tests / for your homework / in your school report – with patience, enthusiasm and personal support nearly everything is possible!! Please send an e-mail in German to us and tell us your age, the type of school you are going to and which class/year you are in and we will seach for a tutor for free.

In Vienna:

  • The VHS offers gratis Lernhilfe (=”free learning aid”, information in German) in German, English and Mathematics for students at secondary schools (the so-called “Neue Mittelschule” and ” Gymnasium (Unterstufe).
  • Interface Wien offers cheap learning aid groups for primary school pupils (information in German). You can sign up through a school that participates in the program.
  • For girls under the age of 20 the  *peppa Mädchenzentrum (=”*peppa girls’ center”, information in German) offers learning aids and a quiet place to study.
  • Kids between the age of 6 and 15 get free help with homework and in preparation for tests in Caritas Lerncafés (information in German).
  • WienXtra (information in German) or Asylkoordination (=”asylum coordination”, information in German) know about more cheap or free offers for private lessons in Vienna.

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