What does Was Wie Warum in Österreich (WaWiWa) want to achieve?

The vision of Was Wie Warum in Österreich (WaWiWa) is that each person in Austria – no matter if they moved to the country or if they were born here – has the same possibilities for a successful and happy life.

As most refugees have a different cultural background, it is understandable that they cannot find their way in the Austrian system. We have worked with with refugees for many years and realized that they all have the same questions regarding their integration in Austria. Our website gives answers to these most important questions.

Thus, nothing should stand in the way for the first steps towards successful integration.

Do you want to know more about us and the work we do? Then just click on these links:

You work in an asylum accommodation or at a place where many people come and go? Then just print your favourite flyer, hang it up as a poster or put it up as a folder in the waiting room. You can download it here:

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