How to find a traineeship (=Volontariat)?

As a asylum seeker you can do a traineeship (=Voluntariat) in every company in Austria. These traineeships can last max. 3 months and the employer has to register the asylum seeker at the AMS. Here are some more information about the AMS (only in German) and the Fonds Soziales Wien (only in German).

  • A traineeship (=Volontariat) means that you work at a company for 1 to maximum 3 months, you get to know the company and the company gets to know you. Maybe a company offers you a permanent job after you got your decision on asylum.
  • Every traineeship (=Volontariat) offers you new contacts and a working reference.
  • A traineeship (=Volontariat) is just like an unpaid internship.
  • You can only apply for a traineeship (=Volontariat) at a company if you have an education or working experience in that field.

You can find a traineeship (=Volontariat) the same way as you find a job. Only that you have to tell the companys or Google, that you are looking for a traineeship (=Volontariat):

  • Think about which company would interest you for a traineeship (=Volontariat) and apply directly at that company. Behind every product there is a company and most companies in Austria offer traineeships (=Volontariate).
    • Through the website or a call at the compan you can find out who the personnel chef is and you can send him an e-mail with your application. Already say in your application that you are interested in a traineeship (=Volontariat).
    • Print your CV and dress well, once you go to the firm and tell them that you would like to do a traineeship (=Volontariat). Leave them your CV and tell them that they should call you as soon as they have a position for you.
  • Ask all your friends in Austria if they can organize a traineeship (=Volontariat) in their company or in the company of their parents or other contacts.

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