Use free offers:

Therer are a lot of possibilities to get to know the life in Austria better as a refugee. Use these offers, because they make arriving and living in the country easier for you.

Everywhere in Austria:

  • Get information from “Österreicher Integrationsfond” (=Austrian fund for integration) about current course offers and offers for your spare time.
  • Read a free newspaper (usually, you can find them on the subway, the train or the bus).

In Vienna:

  • Do you need someone to talk to about your experiences in the war? Contact HEMAYAT.
  • Sign up for an information event organized by MA17 in Vienna – here you will learn about “Housing”, “Living together”, “Healthcare”, “Education”, “Social affairs”…
  • Here you can find a lot of tips on what you could do for free in Vienna.
  • Do you live in Vienna or nearby and do you need a bike? Have a look at Lenkerbande (information in German).
  • Get your Kulturpass (=”passport for culture”) and visit museum in Vienna for free. You can learn a lot about the history, culture and art in Austria. Maybe you stop in front of a picture at the same time as another visitor and you can start a conversation.

In Salzburg:

  • Are you a teenager or a trainee in Salzburg? Have a look at the workshops that ARGEkultur Salzburg offers (information in German). You can find workshops for breakdance, rap, radio, DJs, poetry – all of these offers are for free, just take a look!

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