German courses:

Practice German with other people:

Use German in your daily life:

  • Set your phone, Facebook account and Whatsapp to German ( “Settings → Language” in German/Deutsch).
  • Read books, newspapers and magazines in German.
  • Pin some German vocabulary or phrases on the walls in your room.
  • Watch movies in German or with German subtitles – including weather reports, news and advertising.
  • Write your shopping list in German.
  • Read German books and good night stories to your children.
  • Listen to the radio while you are cooking.
  • Think about sentences or an entire dialogue, write it down, learn it and practice it in real life.
  • Always count in German.
  • Listen to public conversations of other people – for example, in the U-Bahn
  • Listen to German songs and read the lyrics on the Internet.
  • Carefully read all signs – no matter whether in the U-Bahn or at the refugee home.
  • Read all product packaging.
  • Start your own diary in German. Try to write at least one sentence per day about how you spent your day.
  • Use post-its or cards and name every object in your home with the correct German word. For example, stick a post-it with “Der Kühlschrank” on the fridge.
  • Learning German also means learning to write it. In Austrian society, it is not only important to speak German, but also to be able to write and read the language.
  • Practice, practice, practice. In Austria, people are not annoyed if you make mistakes. They do not laugh at you while you are practising the language. Even more – most Austrians would appreciate you speaking a little German and would be glad that you are trying.

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