You should gather information about life in Austria as soon as possible because…

  • … information is power and the more you know about Austria, the better you can establish your own life here.
  • … you thereby show Austrians respect, as you are showing interest in in their country.
  • … you might not even be allowed to practice your job in Austria und would have to be retrained. If you do not want this, then you should choose to move to a different country where you can do the job you learned.
  • … you will thereby find out more quickly if Austria is the country in which you would like to raise and educate your children. Every human has their own set of views, values and principles that will shape their own life and that of their family. Sometimes, however, these views, values and principles are not compatible with those in the new country. Instead of being unhappy in Austria and making your family and friends unhappy too, you should admit this incompatibility to yourself and move to a different county outside of the EU.

Where can I find information about Austria?

On the internet:

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In courses:

In everyday life:

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