Disco, night club or bar:

In Austria, it is normal that from the age of 18 onwards, men and women go to clubs, discos or bars. Here, one can dance to loud music, meet new people (if you want to) and can spend a nice evening with friends. Anyone can go and have a good time – it doesn’t matter if you drink alcohol or not.

Tips for getting into a club:

  • You should wear nice looking, clean shoes. Many clubs don’t like sneakers and won’t let you enter if wear sporty shoes. Check the dresscode in advance. Especially in Vienna, clubs want nice clothing and won’t let men in t-shirts enter.
  • Door securities don’t like large groups of men. You should arrive with a maximum of 1 or 2 friends. Simply arrange to meet everyone else inside the club.
  • The best entry ticket is to come with a woman. Door securities prefer men who come together with 1 or 2 women.

Meeting women:

  • If you start talking to a woman, be sure to keep a respectful distance. Women in Austria are used to being talked to a lot and can find it rather annoying – especially if she only came to the club to dance in peace. Therefore, do not take a “no” personally, but take it with dignity, respectfully wish her a good evening and walk away.
  • The best way to meet someone is to ask her whether she would like something to drink.
    • If she doesn’t want a drink, that’s ok, too.
    • If she says “yes”, it is normal that you spend the time that she takes to finish her drink talking to each other. If you managed to impress her during this time, she might spend some more time with you. But that is not guaranteed. If she choses to return to her friends, you have to accept that.

How can I find a party with Austrians?

  • Go to one of the free FM4 surprise concerts (German link) and meet new friends. Register on the FM4 website and you will receive the information about who, when and where 1 day before the concert sent to you via SMS.
  • Read the posters in your town – are any town events coming up? For example: a fire brigade party, flea market or some other local festival? Such events attract many people and it is easier to meet someone.

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