Why should I find a job in Austria?

Austria has neither oil nor mineral resources. Austria can only pay for the many social benefits because the people who work in Austria pay taxes. It is important that all people who could work actually do work.

You benefit personally when you go to work:

  • Anyone who works in Austria receives a pay slip, which in turn is needed to find an apartment.
  • Through your job, you will receive a working recommendation that will help you to find a new job.
  • Through the job you win many new contacts.
  • A job increases your reputation in society. One of the first questions in Austria, when you get to know someone new, is the question of what job you have. Anyone who does something is welcomed by the Austrian society.
  • By working, you gain new skills and develop mentally as well as physically.
  • Only with a job are you really independent. The policy could cut your minimum income and other financial benefits at any time.
  • Anyone who has no job can hardly save money. With the minimum income you can never afford your children’s wedding.
  • Who does not work, can not write anything on his CV. Employers might think you are a lazy person. Every day without work makes finding a job in Austria automatically more difficult.
  • Even if the work is poorly paid, it does not matter because the career is like a staircase. Accept the first job you will get, because with diligence and dedication you can gradually climb the career ladder.
  • As a woman with asylum, all these things apply to you as well. In Austria it is important to earn money and thus to be independent as well as to raise children. If you want to know how it works, talk to other women or visit an integration workshop on the subject of women at ÖIF.

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