What do I need to watch out for once I have the job?

  • Smile – you have mastered your first step into Austrian society! Congratulations!
  • You will be given a contract to sign:
    • Please read it carefully and only sign it once you have understood everything. You may ask questions and have your employer explain particular sections of the contract you are uncertain about – Austrians do the same!
    • You can also take the contract home with you to read it or show it to an Austrian friend who can have a look at it for you.
    • The contract will contain the most important aspects of your job:
      • how many hours a week you need to work
      • whether you are expected to work at night and on weekends
      • with which insurance company you are registered
      • how many days of vacation you will have each year (25 days are normal in Austria)
      • what your gross salary is and if you will be paid 12 or 14 times per year
      • how long your trial period lasts (during which it is easier to fire you)
      • …and much more.
  • You must under no circumstances be late for work. Being unpunctual is a reason to be fired in Austria.

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