How do I find a job?

As soon as you got your decision on asylum, you should start looking for a job right away. Finding a job in itself is hard work! It is like a real job – you should spend several hours each day looking for a new job. You should send at least 3 job applications every day or deliver the job applications personally to the companies you are applying to.

  • Download an application to your phone:
  • Check the newspapers (on paper or online) for a suitable job. Here you can often also find tips on the job application process:
  • Think about which company you would like to work for and apply directly to that company. Behind every product there is a company that may look for a new employee.
    • Visit the company’s website and try to find out if there are any positions open. For example:
    • Usually there is a page on the website named “careers” (“Karriere”) or “jobs” (“Jobs”) or “team” (“Team”). Here you can apply directly for the job.
    • By using the website or by making a brief phone call to the company, you can try to find out who is responsible for hiring new employees and you can send them an e-mail with your application, so that they can contact you as soon as a position in the company becomes available.
    • Print out your CV, put on your best outfit, go directly to the company and tell them that you would like to work for them. Leave your CV with them and ask them to call you as soon as a position becomes available.
  • Find yourself an Austrian mentor who can give you tips for finding a job.

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