You should find a job as soon as possible because…

  • … your work gives you a pay slip, which you need to find an apartment.
  • … every person who is able to work should do so in order to contribute to society by paying taxes.
  • … a job increases your respect in society. One of the first questions in Austria when meeting someone new is to ask about their job. Anyone who contributes to the economy is gladly included in Austrian society.
  • … through work you meet many new people and make friends.
  • … your work gives you a reference letter, which will help you to find a new job.
  • … through work you gain new skills and develop mentally as well as physically.
  • … only with a job are you truly independent. The government could reduce your guaranteed minimum income and other financial grants at any time.
  • … it is a matter of honour to work and to contribute to society. Think about what kind of example you want to be for your children and for Austrian society.
  • … people without work cannot save money. It will be impossible to buy a car or to pay for your childrens’ weddings.
  • … people without work cannot write anything in their CV. Employers are going to think you are lazy. Every day that you are unemployed will automatically make it harder to find a job in Austria.
  • … even if your job is badly paid it does not matter because your career is like a ladder. You should take the first job you can get and through hard work and diligence you will climb up the career ladder and soon have a better job.
  • … these arguments also count for women. In Austria it is possible to earn money to be independent as well as raise children at the same time. If you would like to know how to do that, talk to other women or visit an integration workshop on the subject “women” at the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF).

How do I find a job in Austria?

Caution – it is a big misunderstanding that the AMS will find a job for you. This is not true. It is your own responsibility! The AMS’ task is to support you by providing you with courses, an online job portal and a consultant. But if you want to find a job soon, you have to go search yourself.

  • employee / worker: Most people in Austria are employed. They work at a company, have a manager and colleagues and every month they get their net-salary automatically transferred to their bank account. Taxes and all other contributions have already been subtracted.

-> How do I find a job at a company?

  • self-employed: Of course it is possible in Austria to be self employed, which means you are your own boss with many more liberties, but also more responsibilities such as taxes, revenues, licences, insurance etc.

-> How can I become self-employed? (Since your German langugage skills should be very good in order to start a business in Austria, this page is only in German.)

  • If you are hard-working and want to be very successful in your future, you also have the option to do both at the same time – be self-employed and work for a company.

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