You should find a job as soon as possible.

As soon as you received the decision on asylum, you are allowed to work and you should do so to finance your life in Austria.

Why should I find a job?

How to find a job in Austria

Attention – it is a big misunderstanding that it is the task of the AMS to find you a job. That’s not true. That’s your job! The task of the AMS is to support you through courses, further education, an online job portal and as a consultant. This means that if you want a job, you have to search for it yourself.

  • Employer / Employee: Most people in Austria are employed, which means that they work for a company, have a boss and colleagues and receive their net-salary automatically on their bank account. In that case, all taxes and charges are already deducted.

How to find a job?

  • Self-employed: You can also be self-employed in Austria, which means that you are your own boss and that you have more freedom, but you have more responsibilities to take care of taxes, revenue, licences, insurances and so on.

How can I get self-employed?

  • Someone who is very hardworking and wants to achieve a lot, can also do both at the same time – being employed and work self-employed.

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