How does Was Wie Warum in Österreich (WaWiWa) work?

Depending on the status of the decision on asylum, everyone has different possibilities regarding the integration in Austria. There are 8 steps for a successful integration in Austria:

As an asylum seeker I should use the time in the asylum accommodation to…

  • learn German
  • work as a volunteer, since I don’t have a working permit in Austria, yet
  • get information about this country
  • find Austrian friends
  • receive education and
  • use my day in a structured way, so that the time spent in the asylum accommodation is not time lost.

As soon as I have my decision on asylum or subsidiary protection, I should…

  • go to work
  • find an apartment
  • register at the „Österreichischen Integrationsfonds“ (ÖIF) to get advice regarding my integration.

The team of Was Wie Warum in Österreich (WaWiWa) is 100% sure that these are the main steps for success in Austria. Once you follow these 8 steps, you have everything to be as successful as an Austrian in Austria.

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